A body out of balance, run down by stress, fatigue, anxiety, extra weight, poor digestion, moodiness…

A mind that won’t quiet down, endlessly looping what has to get done today, tomorrow, next week…

A spirit that’s unable to connect with the things you love because it’s smothered by thoughts of there’s not enough time!

Take a deep breath…It’s time to slow down and create a better quality of life for yourself. You deserve it.




You are reading this because a part of you knows there is more to life than what you’re currently experiencing:


You know it’s time to finally start taking care of YOU.


it took you a while to admit that you desperately need some me time you feel a bit embarrassed by how long you’ve neglected yourself, or you’re unsure or scared of what comes next


What matters most — in this moment, right here, right now — is that you’re open and ready to embrace a new way of being.

Awaken Vibrance, a holistic health center in Waseca, MN, was founded to help people just like YOU find joy in living a bright and vibrant life by reclaiming your health and well-being.

Let us help you reconnect with your vibrant self.



“Happiness is the highest level of success.”

Professional Bio
Hilary spent most of her adult life working in a tax office. When her youngest son graduated high school, she was ready for a career change. Her goal was to work in a serene atmosphere that people enjoyed visiting. She took a few detours along the way and eventually landed at Awaken Vibrance which was exactly what she was looking for – a Waseca business that offers the community alternative health and wellness care.

Hilary loves meeting all the new people that visit Awaken Vibrance for massages, yoga, and other wellness services. She enjoys getting to know all the regulars along with every other new customer that comes through the door and considers them all to be friends. Her job is to greet everyone, make appointments, answer calls and do social media advertising to name a few. Hilary loves the people that she works with and has learned so much from them all.

Fun Fact
“I love cooking from scratch and am addicted to cooking shows. I love old movies, photographing nature, gardening, watercolor and mixed media art, dinner with family and friends, vacationing up north, star gazing and relaxing in my hammock with a good book. ”

Hilary Kruger

Professional Bio
Stephanie Culhane is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a passion for supporting women to identify and achieve their health and wellness goals and feel their best. Stephanie combines her love of helping others with key elements of diet, nutrition, movement and mindfulness to help her clients master healthy habits that will serve them for life and deepen over time.

After almost two decades in the dentistry field, Stephanie shifted her focus to act as a wellness mentor and support system for women seeking healthful changes to their diet and overall lifestyle. She enjoys collaborating with her clients to identify small steps toward a profound shift in overall well-being. With tailor-made recommendations, Stephanie guides her clients based on their unique makeup and individual needs.

Stephanie is a graduate of Waseca High School and happy to return to the community. When she is not working, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and just taking it all in.

Fun Fact
"Stephanie lives on a hobby farm with her husband, son and a few furry and feathered friends."

Education & Training
Bachelor of Arts, Individualized Studies in Health Psychology,
Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, 2019
Integrative Health Coaching Certificate, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2019
Associate of Applied Science, Dental Assisting, South Central College, North Mankato, 2002


Certified Holistic Health Coach

“I love helping others truly thrive in their lives! With the help of nutrition, nature, movement and fun, we can achieve almost anything!”

Stephanie Culhane

Psychic | Medium | Spiritual Adviser
Teacher | Grief Support

“The magic of spirit ways warms the heart and soul.”

Professional Bio
Debra Battenfeld is a gifted Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Teacher who helps individuals reconnect to their life purpose and guides them to their highest good by sharing messages given to her by Angels, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers and other loving Spirits. She has offered readings and consultations professionally for 12 years. Debra’s ability to see and communicate with those who have transitioned has brought comfort, hope and peace to many people who leave each session knowing their loved ones still care and love them from the Other Side. 

Prior to moving to Waseca and joining our team at Awaken Vibrance, Debra was a former co-owner of the Minneapolis-based company Psychics in the Cities. She also founded The Practice Circle, a spiritual gathering located at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minneapolis, which she led for over 12 years before stepping down in June 2018. Debra loves moon and star gazing and being out in nature. One of her greatest delights is creating and writing children's stories and listening to the magic of children's laughter and joy.

Fun Fact: “I love snowflakes.”

Education & Training: Psychic Development & Education with Psychic/Healer and Author Echo Bodine. Most (if not all) of her training comes from Spirit and personal experience—not only on earth but also while in Heaven

Debra Battenfeld

Professional Bio
Amy Straube is a Raindrop Technique Technician and Energy Worker with a passion for helping others feel better about themselves and live healthier, happier lives. Her interest in holistic health began after she personally faced a serious illness. When western medicine fell short of offering the full support she needed, she turned to essential oils and living a more toxic-free lifestyle to take care of her body. Doing so helped return her to a state of wellness that made life functional again. Now, she’s passionate about supporting others through their challenges using an empowering holistic health approach along with western medicine when needed. Focusing on individual needs in each session, she helps her clients release the past, feel calmer, and find solutions to help them feel better in body and mind. In addition to her work with Awaken Vibrance, Amy also works full time as a Media Specialist at a local high school. Having worked in education for 20 years, she’s no stranger to working with all kinds of people and personalities and enjoys building connections with all. When work is done, you’ll usually find Amy spending time with her three kids, husband, and three cats. She also enjoys riding motorcycles with her husband, learning more about the science behind essential oils, and catching up with friends.

Fun Fact
“I'm a closet makeup lover. I love to play with makeup and do nails!”

Education & Training
Currently completing certification in the Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE) program in Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, Essential Oil Chemistry, Ancient Oils and Emotional Release
Master of Science in Education in Curriculum & Instruction from Concordia University, St. Paul, 2009
Bachelor of Science in Business Education Teaching from Minnesota State University, Mankato, 1998

Raindrop Technique Technician & Energy Worker

“You can't begin to help others until you've begun to heal yourself.”

Amy Straube

Professional Bio
Passionate about Massage Therapy and Bodywork, Ash Aboki is committed to bringing wholeness through the great benefits of Therapeutic Massage. She prides in listening to each person’s needs and in customizing each session to meet them -always making sure you are at peace and feel whole and comfortable.

She has been in the Massage practice since 2012, after more than 10 years of pursuing a ballet career in Argentina. Certified by the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), she graduated with honors from the Augusta School of Massage in Augusta, GA and since then she has enjoyed working successfully on thousands of individuals from athletes, moms, students, teachers, military personnel, post injury/surgery cases, couples, special needs, as well as on people just looking to find balance from stress. Her areas of expertise are Myofascial Massage and Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Sport and Neuromuscular Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Craniosacral Massage, Acupressure, Pregnancy, Reflexology, Geriatric Massage, Deep tissue and Swedish (relaxation) Massage.

When she is not hands on massaging, she enjoys spending time and making great memories with her husband and 5 children, studying to complete her Psychology degree, volunteering in many capacities, advocating for the special needs community, teaching Spanish and leading Sunday school. Ash loves to make good use of all the energy she has, she is inspired to approach every day with a positive attitude and a calm demeanor, and she enjoys to help people feel at peace.

Fun Fact
“I grew up in Patagonia, Argentina and surprisingly, I had a very Minnesotan upbringing, all the way on the opposite side of the hemisphere. After moving many times, when I came to MN, I knew this was home."


Certified Massage Therapist

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

ash aboki

Professional Bio
Emily Vought is a Certified Massage Therapist in the Southern Minnesota area and has been a student and practitioner of massage for almost a decade. Emily incorporates deep knowledge of multiple modalities into each dynamic massage session. Her therapeutic techniques relieve tension and restore balance. Emily approaches each unique session as an interactive challenge. Her focused energy and healing hands provide relaxation and stress relief along with deepening your receptivity to physical and spiritual healing. Emily has been recognized by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and continues to deepen her mastery of the art and science of massage. Emily enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and occasional retail therapy!

Fun Fact
“I can fall asleep almost anywhere!”

Education & Training
LomiLomi Massage, Menari Bodyworks, 2017
NCBTMB Certified Practitioner, 2011-2015
Assoc. of Applied Science in Massage Therapy, Rasmussen College, 2011
Reflexology, International Institute of Reflexology, 2010

Certified Massage Therapist

“Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.”

Emily Vought

Certified Massage Therapist

“I believe well-being is an integration of mind and body. It is never too early or late in life to work toward our personal wellness.”

Professional Bio
Linda Maher is a Certified Massage Therapist and the former owner and operator of Avalon Massage and Wellness, a Waseca-based business that she ran for eleven years.

With an emphasis on creating an excellent, relaxing experience, Linda specializes in helping her clients heal their mind, body and spirit through massage customized to suit their needs. She continues to expand and explore massage techniques with great attention to cranial sacral therapy.

Linda lives in Waseca with her cat Seeka and enjoys making her own clothing, walking, and traveling. For the most part, she is a practicing vegetarian of 40 years. Her daily routine for several decades has included morning asanas and meditation.

Fun Fact
“Getting older is cooler than I thought it would be. In many respects it is very liberating.”

Linda Maher

Professional Bio
Dallas is a 25 year old Waseca native new to the Awaken Vibrance team since the end of 2019. She is passionate about wellness and holistic care. When she’s not behind the desk she’s instructing Hatha Flow and Kid’s Yoga! Since receiving her YT-200 she has been eager to share her knowledge of healthy living and an active lifestyle to the world. Knowledgeable of all our products and services and excited to talk to anyone who walks through our doors. 

8 years ago is when Dallas first realized the benefits of yoga and the holistic lifestyle. Starting to feel the transformation yoga had in her life, she felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. Believing the mind, body, and soul connection is a sacred one, and one that should be nurtured and inspired. It is her goal to help others find and maintain a peaceful mind and body. It brings her such joy to share a safe and loving atmosphere where others can practice self love.

If she’s not at Awaken you can find her outside looking for the next trail to walk or next mountain to climb. Living in southern Minnesota, that tends to be a challenge, so she also finds joy in crafting or creating whatever her mind can think of that day! Prior to finding her perfect fit with Awaken, Dallas was in the golf and food & beverage industry since she was fifteen, started in the Pro shop, then the banquet area and then the bar.

Fun Fact
“I sometimes sit in my car in the driveway listening to podcasts for hours.”

Education & Training
Minnesota State University-Mankato BA 2015

Registered Yoga Teacher / Receptionist

“We’re all just walking each other home” -Ram Das

Dallas bradley


Professional Bio
Angie Grotberg is a Registered Yoga Teacher who is passionate about sharing the mind-body benefits of yoga with others who seek a holistic, healthier way of living.

Using a laid back teaching approach, she gets to know her students on a deeper level, learning just as much from them as they learn from her. She specializes in teaching restorative yoga classes that focus on using props to stay in poses for extended periods of time.

In addition to teaching yoga, Angie currently serves as a Police Lieutenant for the Waseca Police Department, and has worked in the public service sector of government for almost 18 years. Outside of work and yoga, Angie loves spending time with her children, family and friends. As an outdoor enthusiast, she also enjoys playing sports, riding motorcycle and ATVs, and traveling.

Fun Fact
“I had planned on buying a Mustang for myself when I turned 40 —reality was a minivan. #momlife”

Education & Training
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training from Sun Moon Yoga, December 2018
Master of Arts in Public Administration, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Registered Yoga Teacher

“Changes on the inside begin to shine through and show on the outside.”

angie Grotberg

Professional Bio
Janice Schroeder is a Registered Yoga Teacher with an unusual backstory. Her decision to become a yoga teacher was part passion, part practicality: every time she started taking classes in Waseca, the teacher quit!

Having practiced yoga on and off for 16 years, Janice decided to become the teacher she needed and earned her certificate in 2015. She loves to help others, share life experiences, and do things in surprising ways. Each of her classes is guided by how everyone is feeling and what they need.

A Waseca native, Janice currently resides nearby in the country with her husband, Timothy. When she’s not spending time with him or her two sons, she enjoys spiritual reading, self-improvement classes, crafting, and drinking good coffee.

Fun Fact
“When I’m not doing yoga, I walk. I’m very conscious of getting my 10,000 steps in a day.”

Education & Training
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training from Heartworks Yoga, Northfield, Minnesota, 2015

Registered Yoga Teacher

“Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow!”

Janice Schroeder

Professional Bio
Mollie Gfrerer is a Registered Yoga Teacher who helps her students feel successful and empowered in every class they take. Her intention when teaching is to connect with her students, embrace them as they are, and tailor the class as much as possible to include their favorite feel-good poses.

Mollie’s love affair with yoga began after she purchased her first yoga DVD from a garage sale in 2009. After several years of being a home-based yoga student, she decided to become a teacher, earning her Registered Yoga Teacher title in 2012.

Besides yoga, Mollie loves to run, read, travel, cheer on her son at hockey games, watch her girls at dance class, and get some laughs in at family game night. To express her creative side, she likes to knit, cook, and bake.

Fun Fact
“I’m a horrible singer, but I can’t help myself from making up songs and singing to my kids all the time. For now, they’re playing along…“

Education & Training
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training from Sun Moon Yoga, Mankato, Minnesota, 2012

Registered Yoga Teacher

“I love how yoga makes me feel capable and accomplished…even on an off day. When I come to my mat, I know I’m doing something really good for myself.”


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