The first step towards the changes and accomplishments you hope to make, starts with a Health and Wellness Assessment. The Assessment will help the two of us determine if we are meant to embark on this journey together.

What you can expect at the Health and Wellness Assessment:
- This visit is FREE!
- You will be given a health history
  form prior to the session. 
- The session will last 1 hour.
- We will discuss goals you hope
  to accomplish

health & wellness assesment  |  FREE

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This is a one-hour session with Stephanie Culhane, Certified Health Coach, where you are able to pick one of your health and wellness goals, concerns, or questions and chat about it! This is a great way to start the process of working on becoming a better YOU! For some, the thought of signing up for a program can seem a little overwhelming, so this is a great way to “test the waters” on what you may experience in a program. OR just a great way to spend one hour starting your journey to better health!

Prior to this session you will receive a health and wellness questionnaire that will help Stephanie address the topic you want to chat about.

Health Chat: $65

“Plan it, Make it!” is a great way for those that have difficulty coming up with meal ideas, want to try new foods, eat healthier, eat healthy on a budget, and more! We can even talk about some cooking basics! You will spend a 1-hour session with Stephanie, Certified Health Coach, coming up with a plan!

During this session, we will talk a little about food benefits, balanced meals, navigating the grocery store, cooking tips, recipes, and much more! All while coming up with a plan that will take you from the grocery store, to the kitchen, and then your table!

Plan it, Make it! (Meal/Food Help): $35

Both the Awaken Program (3 months) and the Vibrance Program (6 months) are meant to get you and your body started on the right path to better health. This is a great program for those that are self- motivated and just need a little help to get going. The goal of this program is to "Awaken" you to the possibilities of your optimal health! 

  Awaken Program  |  $450 - VIBRANCE PROGRAM | $750

This program will include:

-Two one-hour sessions per month 
-Email and/or phone support between sessions 
-Handouts and other materials 
-Food and product samples 

During this program we will: 

-Set and accomplish goals 
-Discover and try new foods 
-Understand and reduce cravings 
-Increase energy 
-Feel better in your body 
-Improve personal relationships 

Time to make
your health a

Time to make your
              health a priority!

At Awaken Vibrance, we know how difficult it can be to make your health a priority. With all of the responsibilities that come with work, a family, and a busy schedule, eating right and focusing on nourishing your body is often put on the back burner. We're here to make your life easier and guide you in the right direction to meet all of your wellness goals.


This program will include:

- Two one-hour sessions per month 
- Email and/or phone support between
- Handouts and other materials 
- Food and product samples 

During this program we will: 

- Set and accomplish goals 
- Discover and try new foods 
- Understand and reduce cravings 
- Increase energy 
- Feel better in your body 
- Improve personal relationships 


- We will discuss any concerns that you
  have with lifestyle, health, and body.
- If we are a fit for one another, we will
  discuss the program that best fits your
  needs and how to move forward.


Thank you!

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