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Hot stone massage therapy promotes deep muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, hot, water-heated stones that are placed in key locations on the body. This technique eases muscle stiffness and discomfort, increases circulation and metabolism, and can even reduce stress and anxiety.

Hot Stones  |  $15


30 Minutes: $35

This technique involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet that reflect the body’s various organs and structures. Stimulating these areas promotes the body’s self-healing and can help to alleviate stress, reduce pain, improve nerve function, and increase circulation. 


30 MINUTES: $30
60 MINUTES: $40
90 MINUTES: $60

This nurturing, acupressure-based massage is especially suited for the elderly and chronically ill. Using techniques that promote deep relaxation and relief from pain, it can support anyone seeking relief from the stresses of daily life. 

comfort touch

30 Min: $35 | 3 Pack: $94.50 | 6 Pack: $185
60 Min: $62 | 3 Pack: $167.50 | 6 Pack: $327.50
90 Min: $90 | 3 Pack: $243 | 6 Pack: $475.50
Student 30/60/90 Min: 10% off reg. price

This integrated massage is tailored to meet your needs and can include a wide variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, trigger point, myofascial, sports massage, and acupressure. Reiki can also be incorporated upon request.


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No matter which therapy calls to you,
                        you’ll be in capable hands.

No matter which therapy calls to you,
       you’ll be in capable hands

Say YES to
        SELF CARE!

Say YES to self care

You deserve some
serious pampering

Hit pause on your busy life and give yourself the gift of ‘me time’. Our therapeutic healing services are the perfect way to show yourself some love. Come in for a mini retreat that’ll calm your mind, balance your body, ease your pain, and soothe your soul. Let our compassionate team of healers work their magic to melt away your stress and tension so you can jump back into life feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

We offer both single sessions and discounted packages for all of our holistic healing services.

Head massage designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation.

scalp massage  |  $15

An infrared sauna can have many health benefits including: weight loss and increased metabolism, muscle pain relief, immune system boost, improves skin, stress and fatigue reduction, and detoxification. 

sauna  |  $15

30 MINUTES: $40

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative therapy, similar to deep tissue massage, where special cups are placed on you to  create suction which can help reduce pain, inflammation and increase blood flow, relaxation well being.  Cupping is form of deep tissue massage.

Cupping therapy

Cupping |  $15

Cupping therapy may help in the reduction of pain and inflammation and increase blood flow. relaxation and overall well being.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage incorporates the same therapeutic massage techniques while focusing on the special needs of the mother to be as her body changes throughout all stages of pregnancy.  This massage is done lying on your side.

Without massage therapy, I would not be able to function without pain due to chronic neck pain. If I don't come monthly, I get migraines that are extremely painful. Massage therapy helps decrease my stress and relieve pain in my neck and shoulders. Linda is an amazing massage therapist. She is able to provide deep therapeutic relief for my neck pain! Thank you!

Having a massage is more than manipulation of muscles, though that is a significant part. I find having a massage every couple of weeks helps my entire being stay in balance. This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components.

The regularity helps prevent acute problems and when I do have injuries (and I have had a few over the years), it speeds up the healing and recovery time. It also helps lessen the pain level. I also find the time with the therapist enriching and fulfilling.

Rachel Androli

joyce brown

I had a massage today with Darcey, and it was great! she is able to incorporate many techniques and was the first massage in a long time that I felt was completely tailored to me. I will be back!

Lacey Hassing

Shelby Gienger

Such a calming, peaceful place. Can’t wait to go back on our next visit to Waseca!

I would highly recommend visiting Darcey for a shiatsu massage. She does an excellent job in focusing on problem areas and is so knowledgeable about the anatomy behind her massage techniques. She takes the time to check in with her clientele during the massage to make sure the pressure is appropriate and is very thorough in her work. The setting at Awaken Vibrance is so tranquil and the staff I've had the pleasure of meeting were so kind and friendly. I definitely will be going back!

Sarah Mueller 

Such a great, welcoming place. Amazing classes, massages, and products!!

Devin Yenish

Awaken Vibrance has a wonderful energy you can feel from the moment you walk in the door. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The product lines are beautiful. if you get a chance you should definitely catch a class or 5.

Amy Jo Danberry

The practitioners at AV are all amazing, so far I have seen Amy and Darcey and both have been amazing experiences. Definitely recommend if you are looking to add something to your self care routine

Mackenzie Hoy

Welcoming overall energy the minute you walk in the door. one word for this place, amazing!

Charlissa Martin

Victoria JO

I am a fellow massage therapist. I recently had a massage from Darcey for a shoulder issue I am dealing with. Darcey is keenly aware of anatomy. She uses integrated massage techniques from both Eastern and Western philosophies. I've had plenty of massages in the past but none have compared to the thorough work Darcey has provided me! Thank you!

The energy in this wonderful place is amazing; something really worth checking out. Also check out all the fun events here.

Donna Kunkel


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